The ULTIMATE No Holds Barred Guide To Buying and Selling A Home In The Carolinas

Guide to buy and sell your home in Charlotte and the Carolinas

Insider Secrets for Home Buyers and Sellers by Top REALTOR® Nancy Braun 

In this book, I'm going to show you something. And I want you to pretend you aren't getting this for free (people never implement free advice, some psychological bug).  

As an author of a real estate guide / book, I took the approach to create value (through the solution of problems) so that my home buying and selling readers get substance (through the means of that solution) from the information I have provided.  

As a reader, it’s all about the value & substance you GAIN, because your time is valuable, and I honor that fact.  

My book, The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Buying and Selling A Home in the Carolinas provides you with real value. I have complied information that agents are privy to… insider secrets are revealed.  

For some people, selling their home is a natural life milestone to be celebrated. For others, the sale may be motivated by a career move or transfer, a change in finances, or something else that is not of their choice. 

The sale of the family home is a difficult decision and you simply do not need the added stress of promises that are not kept, confusion, unnecessarily large numbers of unqualified lookers marching through your home at all hours, pricing and presentation mistakes made that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

The information in this book can help you avoid all of this. In this guide, you will gain insider information on:

  • A new and better way to sell your home in The Carolinas
  • Mistakes to avoid when interviewing real estate agents
  • Preparing your home to sell FAST and for the BEST PRICE... and much more!

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